Lastest crafts

Again time has flown by..really I am sure time has sped up, what happened to those days that used to drag on for ever, I almost miss them!.  Now time just whizzes by and I haven’t done lifes not that exciting to say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’  I don’t know, all I know is that since April I’ve completed two things, not big things they took no more than a day and a half! I don’t even watch the telly so I really have now excuses other than to blame time moving to quickly;)..can’t blame my err lazy butt self;)

Anyway here is a few photos of the two things I have made;

1st is a bunny made for a friends little girls 5th birthday, found the pattern in a book we had for years which I totally forgot about, I quite like him.Image

And number 2, My lovely step mum bought me a kindle, Thank you:), as I was putting it down I thought…that needs a cover, with the amount of dust that loves living with me this needs protecting! so I made a kindle cover:)



I really need table mats, so that’s my next project.

On the market side of things I have a lot of local artists interested now and am waiting to hear when the hall is available, they are booked up for September, so hopefully October, we can have a special Halloween craft fair.



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