two” to large..


This is the first skirt I have ever made from a was easier than I thought it would be to follow,  but I have a lot of trouble following  any instructions that mainly consist of words..I read and re-read and then read them again and still end up lost,  but this pattern had pictures!..I sound like two-year old who only wants to look at the books with pictures:/

Unlike my youngest who always reads instructions..she is 7!

Still give me instructions with images and I’ll figure it out, its sooo much easier..I like to class myself as a visual learner;)..makes me feel better anyway hahaha 🙂







And if you couldn’t tell it is two inches to big for I have to decide if I can be bothered to unpick and make it smaller or just say it’s a hipster skirt…knowing me I’ll go for the latter!


2 thoughts on “two” to large..

  1. I always prefer pictures to word-laden instructions. I tell myself it is because creative people are visual-hand-on learners; we “see” what to do. Written instructions are for accountant and engineers. 🙂

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