My Travels with Google maps

My fascination with Google maps started last year, if you’ve read my about page you’ll know I’m a dream traveler (meaning I’m never actually going to travel,  just dream about it..a lot) Google maps is just an extension of that dream, but with my butt still stuck  firmly to my chair.

I was reading a book that was based in Seattle and thought I’d look it up see what it is like, well that was a slippery slope..I’ve now been to several continents.

I’ll start with Seattle;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Its  normal day at 2025 Western Avenue but if you then skip down the road to 1916 Western Avenue it becomes a beautiful sunny day, people are milling around the Pike Place Market is open, looks like a good place to spend a Sunday afternoon. I haven’t seen a 7 elven in years, there is one on Queen Annes Avenue,  Alki Avenue has a nice view over the Puget sound(?) I also like Riverea PINE overlooking the Pontiac bay, also looks lovely:)

Recently I went to Portsmouth New Hampshire, also courtesy of a book I read on my Kindle,  it was a very cute little place, I like that I found one of the cafe’s  mentioned in the book:)

And over the last few days I’ve been to Winnipeg searching out Resa’s  graffiti art photos at there is a lot of talented graffiti artists over there, thanks for sharing theses with us Resa:)

For my self I’ve always wanted to go to New york, Peru, Egypt, Brazil, New Zealand, Hawaii, Venezuela, Morocco, Japan,  Indian and all the little places in between that I have no clue about.

South Africa looks beautiful but there are no street views anywhere else in Africa, although I did drop the little orange man in Ethiopia and the picture it showed me was of Burger King which made me laugh,  it also put my travels to Morocco and Egypt out the window.

Most of  Eastern Europe is out-of-bounds which is a bit crap.

Still I shall carry on my Google journeys until the day I can really visit them,  because I know that as great as these places look, what  it really comes down to are the people, they are what  make anywhere magical:).or shite!!:)


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