OMG I’m Stumbling!!

really this is what my night life is..I stayed away from stumble for at least a year..I don’t watch telly..well I watch a few  things on iplayer and 4od…but now I’m hooked on stumble again ergh, flicking from site to site is like going from channel to channel

so this is some of the stuff I’ve been inflicting on myself..|sls|fd|krftmac|indoorplnts|/

The list is endless…

but on another meditation level a friend sent me this link;

Missed the first day but have done the rest:) and am enjoying it much more than the Chopra/Oprah one…although it is a chanting out loud one, but I am lucky,my kid sits in the background reading whereas my friends daughter  just laughs at her:D:D





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