Door Hangings..

I am the sort of mum who hates to have bedroom doors closed..freaks me out when parents close the kids bedroom door when they go to sleep, I need to be able to hear them…anyway it means I leave my bedroom door open..(although it gets pushed too occasionally!;))

but right outside my door is the hall light..which is left on all night..and blinds you when trying to go to sleep,  which is majorly annoying so after nearly two years of living here (no we haven’t decorated yet either) I decided to make a door hanging, instead of just hanging some washing there.

I remembered seeing some door hangings in a book years ago and thinking they were I dug out this fabric and  although it doesn’t have any of my favourite colours in it, it is Art Nouveau,  which I love… and made this..06052013_006

I am  never doing a scalloped edge again! and I’ll let you know if I’m blinded tomorrow…

maybe I’ll make one a bit more original next time like this one..:)Door_hangings_Turquoise

which has such a gorgeous blue 🙂



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