Now it’s Christmas holidays, I’m really not into it, we don’t get loads of beautiful snow, we just get rain, wind, mainly together and its cold..I don’t like being cold, so I’m dreaming of happily sitting on one of the above bean bags have a cold drink of something fancy thinking how wonderful life is.. 🙂 but while I’m not there and jewellery classes are on hols too I’ve started a sketch book and discovered sketching is not my strong point, more like a bit of a doodler. It is quite hard to put down an idea in picture form, when I’m so used to just mumbling it out to someone whilst waving my hands around. here is some of my doodles;IMG_2551 Doodled whilst watching Game of Thrones, trying draw the pins on their cloaks

IMG_2550 Thinking about Mucha IMG_2549 I’m into swirly stuff IMG_2555 Regressing back to teen drawings IMG_2558 ……!IMG_2559 I find it easy to copy things on the right side, glad this only had the right side to copy 😀IMG_2554 Braided hairIMG_2553 And more braided hair..sort of 🙂
off to sketch although there is a high probability of Clash of Clans on the old iPhone coming out for a bit and possibly sleep,
x 🙂


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