About, mmmm what About

About Me…..

really...at my age!

really…at my age!

god that question could make you think,,mmm  first and foremost I am a mother, Then a semi wife, then a reluctant house cleaner, then a pet feeder, mmm then a trapped pintrester..a secret singer ( unless you need a really annoying  alarm)  a dream traveler..I day dream about traveling everywhere…and a late book worm..thank you kindle! put the thing down and sleep.

that’s about it for me other than I rather like crafty stuff and shall be putting things I make on here or any thing else that takes my fancy.

and I’m gonna attempt to post on this blog more often…;)


2 thoughts on “About, mmmm what About

  1. Bam. You’ve been given a Leibster award from me! I’m passing this torch and responsibility over to you because we’re obviously both bloggers in southeast England :). Your mentioned on my blog but I still don’t know how to do fancy things like link it.

    • HEHE WOW (not world of warcraft!) thank you:D. been away for a while as I have a broken laptop:( and just for tonight I’m using someone elses which is why I’m late in replying..and like you I like to avoid bad karma and I shall respond to your 5 question next week when I’m home and comfortably on my own keyboard:)….by the way I love the parquet flooring:) lucky you:)

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