What to do..:)


My super lovely step-mum sent me this box full of bead necklaces..but oooo where do I start, late nights ahead in picking them apart and remaking them in to other bits of jewellery and searching for inspiration 🙂 x


20/20 vision..

That’s what the optician told me 🙂

Then today looking at pictures I’d taken of a ring I had just made I beg to differ…

01062013_029 01062013_028I did not see the scratches in the wire or the ones on the bead…maybe I need to get a second opinion!.. but first off to make another ring..hopefully without scratches…or fluff..which also passed my 20/20 vision..  but fluff’s in the same bracket as dust and we’re old friends;)

Wire Peeps..

Craftyness takes hold at the strangest of times,when you’re not a constant crafter.

9am yesterday morning sitting in bed with little lady, I had a bag of wire, couple of pairs of pliers and beads next to my bed (don’t ask why!) so I picked  up the wire and started to bend it about till it became a little lady, and little lady liked it so much we made  another 8, which are now hanging from the sitting room ceiling, and more have been requested today:)


18052013_016   18052013_017








Lastest crafts

Lastest crafts

Again time has flown by..really I am sure time has sped up, what happened to those days that used to drag on for ever, I almost miss them!.  Now time just whizzes by and I haven’t done anything..my lifes not that … Continue reading