Evening all 🙂 A friend was telling me about Zentangles which I had never heard of so after watching a load on YouTube I attempted my own!..I would love to put up some Zentangle links, but I’m using my phone for this post and its a bit too much hassle opening and closing cut n pasting etc, so you can go and check them out some are quite special 🙂 ..Here is my two attempts, you can tell where I’ve made mistakes on the second one as the corner is a black blob! 😀


😀 😀


Shiny egg..

Little lady has a Scientific trick book so today she made a shiny egg…13062013_001The egg is hard-boiled, as I didn’t fancy cleaning up slime today…

13062013_002completely cover egg in black soot…

13062013_006Taa daa shiny egg, photo does not do it justice..

13062013_009Then when you take it out it is dry..magic! sorry science:D

The real reason is (from the book)….’thousands of tiny bubbles form on the sooty surface, the carbon in the soot repels the water creating the bubbles. The bubbles are so small you can’t see them clearly, but they reflect the light back  to your eyes and make the egg look silvery’.