Happy 2012!!

Hellooooo all

Well I for one am glad that Christmas is over..(maybe it’s because I don’t drink hahaha:))

Now I can start  to focus on getting CraftyBunch rolling,  We are looking at having our first crafty fair in March 2012 and we have a group of lovely local artists whos info I shall be putting up over the next few days/weeks.

I’ve been attemping at making crafty things which as the picture shows is not my strong point..but I am working on it!! I seem to have a growing love of fabrics:)

and keep making really annoying little mistakes eg…fabric too close to zips..although only ever done two zips in my life..both in piccy:) arms of bags in wrong place or one too long etc..

I did make my friend a car seat cover which I thought has turned out ok..just need to add finishing stitches where the seat belt goes through and hope she likes it!!

mmm I’m not much of a photographer either:D:D and seem to love mess!:D

squiggling soon