meditation started..

On Monday

I’ve started tonight

At the end of each meditation you can answer three questions I thought I’d put them on here.

Day One;

           I commit to living perfect health

Om Bhavam Namah = I am absolute existence,  I am a field of all possibilities.

Ok I am probably just not in the right frame of mind as I just couldn’t stop my mind from wondering  and my back is aching so couldn’t really get comfortable.

                          Que 1; What does perfect health mean to you?

To be mentally and physically in harmony with yourself, to feel energised, to feel relaxed and calm, to smile.

Que 2; As you seek perfect health, what would you like to most improve?  

               Physically my back, and being a bit more flexible would be cool, mentally; my memory, my confidence, my faith in myself,  god that list could go on..I’ll leave that for now!

Que 3; How would your life transform if you felt completely vibrant and strong?

       I’d feel able to do the things I am unable to do now


 Your supposed to do this in the morning so you can go through the day feeling good and thinking about your health     but as I’m on catch up mode I’ll be doing the first one or two at night so I shall be dreaming of perfect health:)

Day two;…tomorrow and maybe day 3 as well