I love LOVE toffee, especially teeth breaking toffee, almost as much as I love fireworks:) I make it throughout the year, little lady likes it with peppermint. But tonight I just made my first proper toffee apple:D and it was yummmmmmmmy & still warm as we couldn’t wait for it to cool down… & who knew it had vinegar in it.. Other than BBC Good Food site where I got the recipe 😉 I truly will have no teeth left soon:) x
Little Lady & I are now using skewered cores as microphones… 😀 x


Honeycomb or should I say Honey Float


Ok not the best photo, but oh my it tastes great,

I do wish I didn’t have such a sweet tooth cause it can really hurt

I will undoubtedly be completely toothless by the time I’m 50

if not it will be a miracle:)

We used this recipe;

I had a little witch help me and we had to change some of the ingredients,

which were; dragons blood, powdered frogs eyes, and crushed gillyweed

stirred in the cauldron for 5 mins, pour out let cool and

there you have Honey Float, which allows the eater to float around for an hour

(yes we are reading Harry Potter!)