Wire Rings..

A long time ago (17yrs!) I completed a year long  jewellery course making silver rings, I then had a child and never went back…A few days ago I was playing around with the some jewelery wire and started making rings:) I now have seven, a pendant and a button ring:)

First up little lady made this one:) she loves them.



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Embroidery 37yrs old..


This is an embroidery that my mother made whilst pregnant with yours truly:), she would of been in her early 20’s

I had never seen it until a few years ago and loved it straight away, it has been packed away but we’ve decided to decorate(!!) this summer so thought I’d get this framed and it will live at the top of my staircase.07032013_006

I most definitely do not have my mothers sewing flair..and definitely not her knitting skills..she is one of those who can watch telly and produce an Aran jumper..tada!..
I personally don’t do knitting.



So thought I’d have a go at embroidery as I’m currently exploring the old arty side of me, and  I have this fabric which I love, got a thing for swirly patterns, but it is too small to do much with so thought I’d embroider over it as I have seen a few other artist do this with some amazing results, and for a beginner such as myself thought this was a good way to start..means I don’t actually have to design anything:) just follow the lines.

I haven’t finished, I’m currently going over the yellowish leaf on the right in a purple and I’m gonna do the stems in a different stitch.



I’ll put up the finished piece when I’ve finished..obviously! but when that will be I do not know..although I’m thinking of giving it to someone as a ‘thank you for being super’ pressie so I really should get on with it…not sit here talking about it!


site I like and waffle..


This post just made me think of a good friend of mine, who loves to decopage:)

and another who is a great lomographer…(it would be a passionate joining if they were one!)       

Whist browsing one of cruncybetties blogs http://www.crunchybetty.com/crunchy-teens-acne-busting-aspirin-honey-mask-and-toner ..it got me thinking ‘I haven’t made  a scrub, lip balm or cream for aaaaages’ and I used to love my own throughly runny & messy honey oat  scrub mmmm I could reallllly do with a scrub now!! but my new abode doesnt have a bath just a shower nevertheless I think it is time to start making these wonderful body crafts again and clean the mess with my new soft hands:)





and this is how a light bulb should be used!..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAobIpnkCNw&feature=related  😀