Honeycomb or should I say Honey Float


Ok not the best photo, but oh my it tastes great,

I do wish I didn’t have such a sweet tooth cause it can really hurt

I will undoubtedly be completely toothless by the time I’m 50

if not it will be a miracle:)

We used this recipe;


I had a little witch help me and we had to change some of the ingredients,

which were; dragons blood, powdered frogs eyes, and crushed gillyweed

stirred in the cauldron for 5 mins, pour out let cool and

there you have Honey Float, which allows the eater to float around for an hour

(yes we are reading Harry Potter!)


site I like and waffle..


This post just made me think of a good friend of mine, who loves to decopage:)

and another who is a great lomographer…(it would be a passionate joining if they were one!)       

Whist browsing one of cruncybetties blogs http://www.crunchybetty.com/crunchy-teens-acne-busting-aspirin-honey-mask-and-toner ..it got me thinking ‘I haven’t made  a scrub, lip balm or cream for aaaaages’ and I used to love my own throughly runny & messy honey oat  scrub mmmm I could reallllly do with a scrub now!! but my new abode doesnt have a bath just a shower nevertheless I think it is time to start making these wonderful body crafts again and clean the mess with my new soft hands:)





and this is how a light bulb should be used!..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAobIpnkCNw&feature=related  😀