First ring finished…

This is the first of a pair, my partner  and I have been together for 20yrs, we ‘re not married and have no plans for a wedding anytime soon but I am making us matching rings here’s a couple of pics 🙂

IMG_2643before the joining

IMG_2740After joining before polishing


And shiny 🙂




I’m also playing around with a copper and turquoise bracelet



Two in one day! jewels and sunsets

Wayhay look at me posting again! 🙂

Well it was my Jewellery class tonight, here is the results;

(please excuse the dodgy pics, I understand why iPhones need instagram, their cameras are not the best!)

IMG_2466A Turquoise and silver twist bracelet for a friends mother

IMG_2467IMG_2474A Citrine & Silver Pendant for a special friendIMG_2473Hope she doesn’t take a peek here! :/

Over the last three weeks I have been lucky enough to see three lovely sunsets, which again my camera just cannot do justice to mother nature.

IMG_2414just can’t capture the feeling

IMG_2464 & I have already posted this one but why not again 🙂

20131123-190045.jpgSo till next week :)..I might surprise and post  before!

Not been too crafty lately but..

Tonight I started my first class in Jewellery design at my local adult education centre 😀

The tutor is a lovely German lady…

and she got me working on a piece of square copper, this is what happened..

IMG_2160sawed a circle…which left me with lovely glittery hands 🙂

IMG_2162hammered it to make a dome

IMG_2163drilled it , drew on it and sawed it some more 🙂

IMG_2166Polished it to revel my wonderful errr sawing skills, top marks for wonkyness, still not bad for a beginner:)

Not quite here yet..17butterflybut working on it!

Now I need a workspace



although mine will never be this clean and tidy!

All pics not my copper are found on the dreaded but oh so loved pinterest… …yes it’s Little Ladys newest page enjoy and like 😉

Where to keep my dangly bits?..oh I know…

Take your kids into any woods and 9 times out of 10 you’ll come home with sticks (also known as wands, staffs and swords etc) of various shapes and sizes.well we have a few lying around, waiting to jab you in the foot, popular business!

My brain wave  for the day came whist looking at little ladys sticks and, not for the first time, wondering why the previous tenants had the stretchy cable used to hang up net curtains, screwed into the wall, what would you hang there, mind you they might of felt about the wall paper/colour they way I do and had some fabric/picture covering it, anyway it came in handy today:)IMG_1681 IMG_1679They kind of cheer up the rather revolting blue painted wall paper that has probably been there since 1960+ which I will one day get round to decorating…one day, seen as it’s rented one day might never come!;)


Bet I’ve subconsciously  seen it on pinterest! so not really my own bright idea:/

New iPhone!

Hahahah I have an iPhone! It was given to me… I’m so lucky:) although I would never have bought one myself I can now see me becoming juuuust a little bit addicted to it:0!
I shall now join the millions of professional instagramers and I will be able to blog more…yes this little post is being made on my iPhone hehehe.
This week I shall be preparing for my first market stall, I am totally nervous but it should be fun and now I just have a million bits of jewellery to make!