What to do..:)


My super lovely step-mum sent me this box full of bead necklaces..but oooo where do I start, late nights ahead in picking them apart and remaking them in to other bits of jewellery and searching for inspiration 🙂 x


First stall:)…lovely;)

Well who would of thought sitting/standing/sitting around all day would be so tiring!
I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Makers Market fair which was part of Medway open studios, it was my very first stall…


It was a small fair, butI met some lovely talented ladies, enjoyed myself  and sold a few bits!!..which I must say does put a smile on your(my) face:D.  I’ve had a taster and now I will go off , tweak my skills and be back for the next fair:)

Bellow are links to some of the ladies I met they really were all lovely….mmm I’ve used that word several times in this post think I’ll use  it in the title:) lovely

Who drew an amazing portrait of Nikka Costa who is one of my all time favourite musicians.

Lovely lady artist dealing in various materials

I really liked Rachael Willis’s printing style, her hares are very Alice in wonderland and little cards very cute.

another lovely lady who makes her customers personalised silver clay pieces.

Sarah and Sam great pair who know their bunting and do personalised bits for you too.

fabulous pair of sewing ladies who do pretty much most things for your home.

Check them out you might find something you love 🙂



so much for using my iphone, I came onto my laptop to check out the post and found most of it missing!!