New kitchen….

I have been where I am for two years now and not decorated anything, when renting it’s one of those are we gonna be here long enough to be bothered to put our stamp on it, thing…well looks like we’re not going anywhere in the near future so I decided that we should at least do the kitchen up, so thought I’d do a post on kitchens that are currently giving me ideas…although I am swinging towards the idea of a kitchen made of pallet wood, I can get them for free, so its just a matter of assembling them, she says!

Now how to put the pics on here!…pinterest.com1763d00b29ccc217cc3986562e7b82ddbpinterest.comtumblr_ly5l611bHr1r126oho1_500tumblr_mbchtnlrQf1rgktkgo1_1280nexus-white-meadows2-e1332050299552d002SQ-silverware-organizer-Dream-a-Little-Bigger2This is exactly what I want on the bottom half of my kitchen ..xIMG_7450-600x400.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Y3BDLBcqbUas my kitchen is just about big enough for the smufs to move about in I decided to keep it white with maybe some splashes of colour….actually Little Lady and I were popping balloons the other day…see earlier post…here is the vid:)  (think you have to click on it to make it work, I had to convert it to a .gif so it’s all jerky:(.)


We could throw the balloons at the wall…oooh and the floor yes then varnish,  yep I see it all in my head, but my head is usually faaar away from reality

now some of the pics have been pilfered from pinterest, a few I have forgotten and others from theses sites;    which is now one of my favourites:)