Little lady’s blog…

My littlest lady has started her own photography blog today:), I will shamelessly promote it here:D

have a peek you never know what you might see!;)



Praktica MTL5B…


After looking at Pictures I had taken at uni, my Princess bought me the above camera and told me to take up photography again, as she really liked them and thought they were good. She could be biased though, as she was my little muse.

So here are new photos of some of my old photos that are 12years old..they  are in plastic sleeves so have shiny wrinkles..which after realising how old these pics are I should have few of those (non shiny) creeping on my persons soon! :/

These were taken on a Pentax K1000



ūüôā x


site I like and waffle..

This post just made me think of a good friend of mine, who loves to decopage:)

and another who is a great lomographer…(it would be a passionate joining if they were one!)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Whist browsing one of¬†cruncybetties blogs¬† got me thinking ‘I haven’t made¬† a scrub, lip balm¬†or cream for aaaaages’ and I used to love my own throughly runny¬†& messy honey oat¬†¬†scrub mmmm¬†I¬†could reallllly do with a scrub¬†now!!¬†but my new abode doesnt have a bath just a shower nevertheless I think it is time to start making these wonderful body crafts again and clean the mess with my new¬†soft hands:)





and this is how a light bulb should be used!..¬† ūüėÄ