Two in one day! jewels and sunsets

Wayhay look at me posting again! 🙂

Well it was my Jewellery class tonight, here is the results;

(please excuse the dodgy pics, I understand why iPhones need instagram, their cameras are not the best!)

IMG_2466A Turquoise and silver twist bracelet for a friends mother

IMG_2467IMG_2474A Citrine & Silver Pendant for a special friendIMG_2473Hope she doesn’t take a peek here! :/

Over the last three weeks I have been lucky enough to see three lovely sunsets, which again my camera just cannot do justice to mother nature.

IMG_2414just can’t capture the feeling

IMG_2464 & I have already posted this one but why not again 🙂

20131123-190045.jpgSo till next week :)..I might surprise and post  before!


Sunny Saturday in October…

We visited some of  my family that we haven’t seen in four years over the weekend, It rain all the way there, it rained all the way back but for a good few hours in between we had a glorious day and if there is one thing I LOVE, it is being on the beach.  I could of stayed all day but little lady, after thoroughly enjoying getting soaked started to get cold and with not much in the way of extra clothes, thankfully her coat was long,  we headed back…

IMG_2095IMG_2103IMG_2097IMG_2098IMG_2100IMG_2106 🙂