Hahaha nice healthy brekkie of cheap waffles smothered in icing sugar! Washed down with hot water:)


Meditation Day 2

Well after not much sleep, I woke up this morning early 7am which for me is like getting up at sunrise, normally I don’t crack those eye lids till 8:30.

So here I am feeling quite refreshed maybe last nights meditation had something to do with it, and have managed to do day 2 of the Chopra meditation so questions and answers below plus thoughts:)


Balance is my true nature

Yum, Yum, Yum = enlivens heart Chakra

Que 1; How does your body let you know when it’s feeling overworked, tired or stressed? hahaha well I fall asleep..good indication I’m tired! I don’t really overwork myself, I’m a stay at home mum with 2 amazing kids and as for stress that comes in the form of ulcers..bloody loads of um’ in my mouth and my god they drain the life out of me, how does something so small do that?

Que 2; Describe how your body feels when you eat a non-healthy meal, What does it feel like when you have a healthy meal?
Being raised on good old 70’s pre-packed (spell check has giving me pee-packed as an alternative, for all I know there was some of that in there!:)) my body/mind craves crap food on a daily basis, particularly sweets, but now that I’m getting on in age:) I find that crap food makes me feel sick and my teeth cannot take the sweets it used too, which is the one thing that does me in, my body has finally decided to let me know this is bad for me, but I think it is more my mind that my that is letting me know, as I find out more about nutrition and know something is not good for me, my mind tells my body this is not good for you look at all that fat, just see those fake molecules:/ which lets me know by feeling crap. and after eating healthy I feel fine..but this does not happen as often as I like..damn those biscuits

Que 3; What positive messages can you send your body today to demonstrate self love and support?

 Well I’m going to the opticians today! I shall be telling  myself, I’ve no idea yet..maybe I’ll look into a back support;) I shall let my body know that I do actually like my body and always have, it is a bit skinny bit flat chested!  but never mind it gets me everywhere I need to go with minimal complaints.

 love you body x

It is a lovely morning, a good quite morning for meditation, now I feel tired..hahaha
and have a chatty kid in my ear and a dog with the farts so I’m gonna leave you now and eat something crappy ..or not for brekkie.


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