Wire Peeps..

Craftyness takes hold at the strangest of times,when you’re not a constant crafter.

9am yesterday morning sitting in bed with little lady, I had a bag of wire, couple of pairs of pliers and beads next to my bed (don’t ask why!) so I picked  up the wire and started to bend it about till it became a little lady, and little lady liked it so much we made  another 8, which are now hanging from the sitting room ceiling, and more have been requested today:)


18052013_016   18052013_017








Lastest crafts

Lastest crafts

Again time has flown by..really I am sure time has sped up, what happened to those days that used to drag on for ever, I almost miss them!.  Now time just whizzes by and I haven’t done anything..my lifes not that … Continue reading

not perfect but still cool:)

Ok I don’t remember when I made my last post, even though I said something along the lines of putting stuff on here more regularly..mmm well  sorry but I get sidetracked looking at sooo many other wonderful (and some not so great) crafty sites that by the time I finished I’m asleep! what can I say!

But I am trying to be a bit more crafty myself, this week I made a dress for my youngest daughter:) I am happy with the overall look seen as I didn’t use a pattern,they soooo confuse me, but on closer inspection there are several problems..linning being the main issue, but that’s inside so I won’t go into any detail;),   it is too wide at the shoulders, as you can see in the picture and  the stitching looks like piping hahaha but I won’t kick myself too much as I am a total novice, and the little lady loves it.

I’m also not a great photographer and it seems I lack the ability to store a picture without deleting it!






This week I shall be attempting a bag for the eldest lady!

site I like and waffle..


This post just made me think of a good friend of mine, who loves to decopage:)

and another who is a great lomographer…(it would be a passionate joining if they were one!)       

Whist browsing one of cruncybetties blogs http://www.crunchybetty.com/crunchy-teens-acne-busting-aspirin-honey-mask-and-toner ..it got me thinking ‘I haven’t made  a scrub, lip balm or cream for aaaaages’ and I used to love my own throughly runny & messy honey oat  scrub mmmm I could reallllly do with a scrub now!! but my new abode doesnt have a bath just a shower nevertheless I think it is time to start making these wonderful body crafts again and clean the mess with my new soft hands:)





and this is how a light bulb should be used!..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAobIpnkCNw&feature=related  😀