Where to keep my dangly bits?..oh I know…

Take your kids into any woods and 9 times out of 10 you’ll come home with sticks (also known as wands, staffs and swords etc) of various shapes and sizes.well we have a few lying around, waiting to jab you in the foot, popular business!

My brain wave  for the day came whist looking at little ladys sticks and, not for the first time, wondering why the previous tenants had the stretchy cable used to hang up net curtains, screwed into the wall, what would you hang there, mind you they might of felt about the wall paper/colour they way I do and had some fabric/picture covering it, anyway it came in handy today:)IMG_1681 IMG_1679They kind of cheer up the rather revolting blue painted wall paper that has probably been there since 1960+ which I will one day get round to decorating…one day, seen as it’s rented one day might never come!;)


Bet I’ve subconsciously  seen it on pinterest! so not really my own bright idea:/


two” to large..


This is the first skirt I have ever made from a pattern..it was easier than I thought it would be to follow,  but I have a lot of trouble following  any instructions that mainly consist of words..I read and re-read and then read them again and still end up lost,  but this pattern had pictures!..I sound like two-year old who only wants to look at the books with pictures:/

Unlike my youngest who always reads instructions..she is 7!

Still give me instructions with images and I’ll figure it out, its sooo much easier..I like to class myself as a visual learner;)..makes me feel better anyway hahaha 🙂







And if you couldn’t tell it is two inches to big for me..now I have to decide if I can be bothered to unpick and make it smaller or just say it’s a hipster skirt…knowing me I’ll go for the latter!