A view from a bridge


Tonight’s lovely sunset:)



I love LOVE toffee, especially teeth breaking toffee, almost as much as I love fireworks:) I make it throughout the year, little lady likes it with peppermint. But tonight I just made my first proper toffee apple:D and it was yummmmmmmmy & still warm as we couldn’t wait for it to cool down… & who knew it had vinegar in it.. Other than BBC Good Food site where I got the recipe 😉 I truly will have no teeth left soon:) x
Little Lady & I are now using skewered cores as microphones… 😀 x

been busy doing nothing..

But looking after family,  which does seem to take up a lot of time, particularly if you home school…which we do:D. I used to hear a lot of ‘me time’ business  when my eldest went to school, it’s not something I hear anymore really, as the reality is there is no ‘me time’ when you have a family around you 24/7 but I wouldn’t have it any other way:D

Anyway I login after  way too many weeks away and found I have been Liebster’d by the lovely lass over the river at  http://thehousecalledabe.wordpress.com/ 😀


I now have the time to respond!

So thank  you Abe:)

Her questions are;

1. Would you rather have under floor heating, or be able to walk around your house nakey.
2. If you could have a drone, what would you use it for? (e.g I’d fill it with red apple jelly beans and have it explode over my home…..or an orphanage, ok my home but an orphanage makes me sound like a less selfish person).
3. Do you want to be famous?
4. What do you find most rewarding about blogging?
5. If you had an extra £1000 how would you spend it?

My answers are;

1. I wouldn’t be able to walk around ‘nakey’ without underfloor heating..although I might end up sliding /crawling around on my butt as it is nearly always the coldest part of me…but then I’d have to worry about splinters and dust getting in the wrong holes! so think I’ll just stick with lots of jumpers and a real fire:D

2. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning then some more cause it never ends!..then I would have time to do something charitable..after I’ve been on holiday:D

3. No…but the wages and perks would be nice

4. Actually it is the interaction with other people via comments, it wasn’t something I thought about when starting but it’s really quite nice:)

5. Realistically food and bills..never give me birthday money (well you can if you want;)) I always spend it on these, and it’s not quite enough  to get my car (Audi R8 v10 Spyder, £125,000+) so I would give some to my girls, some to daddy then get some four-inch heels that I’ll never wear out of the house..and a scarf or ten..you rarely see me out of one:)

Now think I’ll follow Abes example of 5 nominations as it’s nearly 12:30 am and I need the loo but once I go upstairs I’m not coming back down so my nominations are;

1. http://chickenspics.wordpress.com/  Because this is my little lady’s blog she has just started and she could do with a few likes/followers..yes shameless mum marketing:)

2. http://craftygardenhoe.wordpress.com/  When I finally get my allotment I’ll be taking notes:)

3. http://graffitiglam.wordpress.com/ Love her local graffiti pics:)

4. http://theautomotiveculture.com/ Because some of the cars here are mmmmmmm

5. http://blog.lovemesew.co.uk/ Like a bit of sewing I does

ok  a few more..I can hold a bit longer..

6. http://rosiemelville.com/  Local artist, lovely lady:D

7. http://polymerclayworkshop.com/ Now little lady can make sunflowers and I can cut without smearing the colours together!

And my questions;

1. What’s your favourite time of year?

2. What makes you laugh till you can’t breath and wet yourself at the same time?

3. How many of your real friends blog..that you know of?(I only know a few but we’re oldies!)

4. What brings you the most peace?

5. What’s the best cartoon..ever?

6. Your question to me here…….

7. Why do we insist on staying up late on here?

8. Netflix or Lovefilm?

So now I’m off to inform, pee and sleep, in theory, in real life I shall inform, pee then either watch Netflix for 1.2.3 episodes or read for 1.5 hours, I decide as my head hits the pillow:)

Night night all 🙂 x

nearly forgot the rules;

You must link back to the person who nominated you. http://thehousecalledabe.wordpress.com/
2. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3. You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.
4. You must come up with 10(8, sorry need the loo) questions for your nominees to answer.
5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

Stop the flies


A few years ago I read somewhere that if you dip ribbon in lavender oil and hang them by your door/window it keeps flies away.. So that’s what I’ve done and it seems to work:) I have only done this on my kitchen door and only had two or three flies buzz around my head 🙂 as apposed to the normal hundreds, they do still pop in through the other windows, but there is definitely less than last year.
Or it could be that even the English flies can’t handle this humid heat and are in hiding…personally I’m loving the weather and will never complain about the sun shinning down with actual heat rather than just wishly washly ( neither auto correct or myself know how to spell those words!) peeping through a load of grey clouds.
Off to the woods today seems like a perfect Instagram opportunity… Pics to follow:) x

Grass, sky, cats ‘n’ Dog






Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu = May all beings be happy:)




soo much for meditation..

The Meditation is over and as you can tell by my all my in-depth review of my meditation experience..I managed 3 days of meditation..woooo..:)

I have no real excuse as to why I didn’t complete it but I blame Oprah!!   I know she is loved by quite a few people but I  find her irritating (always have.. except in The Colour Purple) and I can’t seem to focus, I had no problem with the last series at all..so I blame her..not my lack of focus, motivation or dedication;)

and tonight my little legs started Google traveling! but she decided to look at the sky and see what animals we could see in the clouds which was quite fun… we saw fish and wolves over the UK.

My Travels with Google maps

My fascination with Google maps started last year, if you’ve read my about page you’ll know I’m a dream traveler (meaning I’m never actually going to travel,  just dream about it..a lot) Google maps is just an extension of that dream, but with my butt still stuck  firmly to my chair.

I was reading a book that was based in Seattle and thought I’d look it up see what it is like, well that was a slippery slope..I’ve now been to several continents.

I’ll start with Seattle;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Its  normal day at 2025 Western Avenue but if you then skip down the road to 1916 Western Avenue it becomes a beautiful sunny day, people are milling around the Pike Place Market is open, looks like a good place to spend a Sunday afternoon. I haven’t seen a 7 elven in years, there is one on Queen Annes Avenue,  Alki Avenue has a nice view over the Puget sound(?) I also like Riverea PINE overlooking the Pontiac bay, also looks lovely:)

Recently I went to Portsmouth New Hampshire, also courtesy of a book I read on my Kindle,  it was a very cute little place, I like that I found one of the cafe’s  mentioned in the book:)

And over the last few days I’ve been to Winnipeg searching out Resa’s  graffiti art photos at http://graffitiglam.wordpress.com/ there is a lot of talented graffiti artists over there, thanks for sharing theses with us Resa:)

For my self I’ve always wanted to go to New york, Peru, Egypt, Brazil, New Zealand, Hawaii, Venezuela, Morocco, Japan,  Indian and all the little places in between that I have no clue about.

South Africa looks beautiful but there are no street views anywhere else in Africa, although I did drop the little orange man in Ethiopia and the picture it showed me was of Burger King which made me laugh,  it also put my travels to Morocco and Egypt out the window.

Most of  Eastern Europe is out-of-bounds which is a bit crap.

Still I shall carry on my Google journeys until the day I can really visit them,  because I know that as great as these places look, what  it really comes down to are the people, they are what  make anywhere magical:).or shite!!:)

Shamballa Bracelets

Had a sleep over at a friends a few weeks ago and she taught me how to make Shamballa Bracelets.

Her initial instructions were; over, over, under; under, under, over , so I looked at her as if to say wtf are you on about …needless to say after about 30 mins of me giggling at her instructions and my lack of understanding, I understood what she was talking about and I can now make Shamballa bracelets 🙂

These are my creations:)

24022013_002 24022013_003

24022013_004 24022013_006












and this one was made by my little lady